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It is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact your local Gas Company to turn off the gas prior to the fumigation and turn on the gas after the fumigation certification has been issued.

Gas service close and turn-on orders can be scheduled by contacting the utilities at the following telephone numbers:

  SoCalGas (800) 427-2200
  SDGE (800) 411-7343

The utilities require a minimum of 48-hours advance notice to close gas service. To restore gas service, the utilities require a minimum of 24 hours notice unless the turn-on is scheduled when placing the service closure order.

SoCalGas and SDGE are committed to working with you in order to insure a smooth transition to this new policy. Please be aware, however, that failure to comply with these requirements may result in significant penalties and/or legal action.

Unless the above is performed, fumigation WILL NOT be and CAN NOT be performed and a $150.00 trip charge will be assessed.

I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of this document and have agreed to have contacted my local gas company to turn off and on my gas in order to perform the fumigation on the property located at:

______________________________City _____________________________
Date of turn off __________________Time _____________________________
Date of turn on __________________Time _____________________________


Owner/Tenant signature _______________________Date _________________



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