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367 S. Acacia Ave FULLERTON, CA 92831 

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Why Buildings Are Fumigated?

Insects that feed or tunnel into wood can seriously damage houses, apartments, and other dwellings or structures. Each year termites or other wood destroying insects damaged approximate 2 million homes. Depending on the extent or location of the infestation, fumigation is the only total control method proven to eliminate certain infestations of wood destroying insects.

What is chloropicrin?

Chloropicrin, a warning agent, is a colorless liquid with a strong odor, causing tearing of the eyes and throat when used at low concentrations, Chloropicrin helps ensure a structure is vacated of people and pets prior to fumigation with Vikane. It also serves as a deterrent from early or accidental entry into a structure under fumigation. At the end of the fumigation, your fumigator aerates both chloropicrin and Vikane from the structure before allowing you to re-enter your home. Please click here for more information about chloropicrin






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